Planning your life down under

07 August 2018 | 4 minutes read

Planning your life down under

Are you planning for your new life down under? Alecto has created a brief guide to making the move.

Once you have made the life changing decision of your intention to move to Australia you will naturally be filled with excitement and enthusiasm about starting the new chapter of your life.

The practicalities can seem quite daunting at first, but if you are organised and able to seek the help and advice of experts and those who have already made the move, then the dream of your new life down under can happen without unnecessary stress!

A step by step guide to your move down under

Step 1: Figure out where you want to live and find a suitable job

Finding a job in Australia can seem quite complex and you may not know where to start. Using a good and reputable recruitment agent can help alleviate this fear. It is important to identify a recruitment agent that specialises in securing roles for GPs in Australia and equally as important is a recruiter who can assist in the registration process involved once a contract has been agreed and signed.

Part of your job search will require you to identify a specific location where you plan to live. This is particularly important due to the restrictions that are imposed on GPs moving from overseas. You will need to understand District of Workforce Shortage (DWS) locations and what this means. Some of the other considerations to think about when you are deciding on a location are: –

  • Where will be best suited for your family circumstances? eg. major city or rural location? Eastern states or Western states?
  • Weather – is this a key factor in your decision? There sometimes is the misconception that Australia is hot all year round, we have cool winters and hot summers. Each state presents different climates that cater to different lifestyles
  • Do you already have family or friends in a particular location that you would like to live close to?

Once you have decided on a location or are open to options on living in different states then you need to start the process of identifying a suitable role for yourself.  The recruitment agent will have a detailed consultation with you which will enable them to represent you to the most appropriate practices for what you are looking for.

Step 2: Registration Process

Once a contract has been presented and accepted then you need to be aware of the registration process involved. At Alecto Australia, we have a dedicated Registration Manager who can take you through this complex process to ensure things go as smoothly as possible and at no cost to you. The registration process can take 5-8 months to be completed – if you are fast with paperwork. This registration process includes all aspects of being a fully registered GP in Australia and assistance with your visa process.

The process can at times be complex and requirements can change at any time. Our team speak to organisations on your behalf and help with filling in applications.

Step 3: Arriving in Australia

In addition to the above you also need to consider the other important matters when you arrive such as: –

  • It is useful to organise short-term accommodation prior to arriving in Australia. Airbnb has become quite popular in allowing you to check out an area prior to signing a long-term rental agreement.  Alecto will also advise you on the best options to live in terms of lifestyle and traffic.
  • Finding a school in the area for your children. This can be researched prior to your move to Australia.
  • Open an Australian bank account and obtain a personal Medicare card
  • Organize for your possessions to be shipped
  • Research private health insurance
  • Organize Medical Indemnity insurance
  • Finding a tax accountant who has worked with GPs

Use the steps above to help your move down under be stress-free and to give you peace of mind.

For any questions or any assistance with job searches, registration, or transition information please contact

Don’t forget!

Once you arrive join the Alecto Connect GP Community so you can participate in regular social, educational and formal events which will help you meet GPs in your local area and stay informed about key issues for GPs


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