Perth – a compelling destination for UK GPs in search of jobs

21 March 2018 | UK/Ireland GPs | 2 minutes read

Perth – a compelling destination for UK GPs in search of jobs

There is a veritable truckload of reasons why UK GPs in search of jobs and a better life down under should put Perth at the top of the list.  Consider some of the stats and fascinating facts:

Great weather

  • Perth has an average 265 days of sunshine per year
  • At the height of summer, the sea temperature reaches 22 degrees
  • And if that all seems a bit warm, Perth is cooled on summer afternoons by a gentle breeze from the west called the Fremantle Doctor.

A lower cost of living

  • According to Expatistan, the cost of living in Perth is 16% cheaper than living in Sydney and 20% cheaper than living in London.
  • At the beginning of 2017, the average house price in Perth was $450,000 compared to Melbourne with $872,000 and Sydney with $1,111,000.
  • Food in Perth is 8% cheaper than in Sydney, transport 47% cheaper and entertainment 33% cheaper

An abundance of jobs for overseas trained GPs

  • This population growth has not always been matched with a concomitant growth in support services and infrastructure. Most notably, there is a dramatic shortage of GPs throughout the state and in large segments of the city.
  • DWS areas are located in a swathe around the city – mostly within a 20 to 40 minute radius of Perth’s CBD.
  • A glance at the DWS map – – shows the abundance of DWS areas around the city and in the southwest of the state.
  • We at Alecto have over 50 DWS jobs within easy access of Perth and the Coast.


For more information about the exceptional job opportunities in Perth contact Paula at or  our UK based consultant Raelene on or +44 (0)7808 704050

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