Oversupply of GPs? We’re busting that myth!

21 November 2016 | Australian GPs, Clinic Owners and Practice Managers, UK/Ireland GPs | 3 minutes read

Oversupply of GPs? We’re busting that myth!

An oversupply of GPs? Not in Australia!

A recurring story in the media over the past few months is driving the belief that Australia now has an oversupply of GP’s. In our experience, this couldn’t be further from the truth!  We are seeing a huge demand for GPs all around the country.

Myth: There is an oversupply of doctors in Australia

Fact – While Australia certainly doesn’t have a need for more interns or SHO’s, fully qualified specialist General Practitioners are still in severe shortage.  Australia is experiencing the highest population growth of any OECD country with an increasing birthrate in all major centres.  This is one of many reasons why the demand for GPs keeps growing.

Myth: Australian GPs are struggling to find jobs

Fact – There are jobs for GPs in most suburbs in major population centres.  Any Australian GP with FRACGP and with reasonable job expectations should be able to find a job less than half an hour from home. Our agency alone would have enough jobs to accommodate at least 200 GPs immediately.

Myth: GPs are only needed in rural and remote locations

Fact – Some regional and rural towns now have an adequate supply of GPs, but many outer and inner metropolitan areas still cannot meet the demand for GP services. Every day we get phone calls from clinics in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth that are desperate for GPs.  Some practices have been looking for new GPs for many months or even years.  These are good practices in high population areas and they turn away patients daily.

Myth: Overseas doctors are taking away jobs from Australians

Fact – The community in many suburban areas often struggle to get an appointment with a doctor when they are unwell.

There are many suburbs in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane where it is virtually impossible to attract Australian trained GPs.  Most Australian GPs choose to work close to the area where they grew up and where their friends and relatives are nearby.  The DWS areas where overseas trained doctors are likely to work are very seldom the areas where Australians are looking to work.

Here at Alecto Australia, we believe that Australia must be fastidious and highly selective in the standards of GPs that are allowed to practice in this country. We want to talk to doctors with qualifications from the UK, Ireland and New Zealand which meet the standards for full vocational registration. Therefore for GP’s with these qualifications, there are a huge variety of jobs available in great locations all across Australia which offer both a great income and lifestyle opportunity.

If you have your FRACGP, MRCGP, MICGP or FRNZCGP and would like to hear about the best Australian GP jobs in the best Australian GP practices – contact us today!

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