NHS Doctors move to Australia

12 February 2016 | UK/Ireland GPs | 4 minutes read

NHS Doctors move to Australia

More NHS doctors move to Australia each year, but why is working in Australia better?

Here is what we observe:

Some NHS doctors are  finding work in the UK increasingly unrewarding due to the amount of regulation and paperwork that come with being a UK GP.  They come to Australia looking for an easier system focused on better patient care and a better lifestyle for their families.

We think that Australia gives them what they are looking for and here are the reasons why:

  1. High quality GP clinics:The GP clinics Alecto work with in Australia are of a high standard and are incentivised to provide a very efficient service to their patients
  2. Professional independence: In Australia, GPs are allowed to work at their own pace, and to focus on providing care in the way that they and their patients prefer.  This also allows them to develop areas of interest and build their own patient base in the way they most prefer.
  3. Patients choose their GP: In Australia a patient can see whichever doctor they prefer even if it means they will need to travel to see the GP of their choice. Unlike the UK, patients are not enrolled with a particular practice.
  4. GPs can have an impact on their own earnings: GPs are contractors working on a percentage of billings for patients they see. This leads to more of a focus on patient care and you earn more the better care you give. If you spend longer consultations with a patient, hear their needs and address their concerns then they are more likely to come back to see you. They will also spread the word to their families and friends which will lead to more patients wanting to see you.
  5. Clinics will support GPs in building their patient base: Many clinics will also assist in helping doctors attract patients when they first arrive. There is also less of a requirement for work on the weekends and after hours.
  6. After hours work is often rewarded: There are some financial incentives for working after hours – especially on the weekend. In Australian general practice GPs usually work fewer hours than in the UK.  But NHS doctors who move to Australia find that the incentives compensate for the additional hours required. Even working some after hours shifts, the work-life balance is excellent.
  7. Less regulation for clinical decision-making: There is much less regulation and guidelines than in the UK. GPs have more autonomy, easy access to referrals to specialists, excellent lab and imaging services.

Many of the GPs who make the move to Australia express to Alecto how glad they are to make the move and end up staying permanently. Those who return to the UK do so because of extenuating circumstances such as serious illness in the family. If you are thinking about the move and are concerned about money and the current exchange rate we are happy to discuss. We believe that earnings in Australia are still better than in the UK for a UK GP.  One of our consultants will be happy to discuss or for more information please read our blogs on this subject:   UK vs Australia Cost of Living Comparison and Comparing GP Salary when moving from the UK to Australia


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