Maximise your business before you exit

Practice exit planning is about maintaining control over how and when you leave and on what terms. It can make the difference between you retiring happily ever after or a financial mess.

Many practices sell fast and for a good price, however not every practice sells. The sale of a medical practice largely depends on its current profitability, future potential and whether it’s in a condition to sell.

Since you only get to leave your business once, it pays to get it right.

Alecto can help you prepare for a successful exit. We assist you every step of the way, from planning and all the way through to selling your practice for a profit.

Benefits of medical practice exit planning with Alecto

Optimise your practice before you leave

Smooth transition for team

Maximise your profit

Our approach

(1) Discuss requirements & goals

First we want to get to know you and learn about your current situation. Then we explain in detail how we can help you achieve your goals with your exit plans.

(2) Develop exit plan

We analyse all vital aspects of your medical practice and based on the information, we will develop an exit plan that involves optimising processes and financial aspects in order to prepare your practice for the sale.

(3) Introduction to buyers

At Alecto we are in frequent contact with practices and corporates who constantly look to expand their network of practices. When your practice is ready to sell profitably, we are going to introduce you to potential buyers.

When your practice is ready to sell profitably, we will tap into our network of motivated buyers of medical practices who are looking for exponential expansion of their practice portfolio and facilitate an introduction.

medical practice exit planning


There is no fix price for our practice exit planning service. Each situation is unique and requires a custom solution. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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