Is Australia really all about beaches?

21 June 2018 | UK/Ireland GPs | 2 minutes read

Is Australia really all about beaches?

After more than 20 years as a European living in Australia, I realise that I often overlook highlighting the things that I like most about modern-day Australia. I keep talking about the beautiful beaches and the nice weather, but actually, that’s not what is most satisfying about my life here. As I review some of the blogs in recent months, I realise that we might be building the impression that Australia is all about life at the beach when actually it is about so much more.

I can remember my first year in Australia where we were the envy of all our friends because we lived near one of Australia‘s most famous beaches at the time.   I can remember high school students coming home from school with a surfboard under their arm.  It was a dream lifestyle, but for myself and my family, we struggled to connect with that lifestyle.  We had just left the outskirts of London and we desperately missed the concerts, plays, and shows in the West End of London – not to speak of some of our favourite restaurants and shops.

Beaches are great, but for us as new arrivals in Australia,  we just didn‘t fit into the beach culture.  Luckily we found more.

Fast forward 20 years to Australia‘s major cities and there is no need to focus simply on beaches and sunshine.   In the past few decades, Australia has developed urban centres that rival London, Paris or Berlin in the cultural events on offer.   And our food scene has evolved to a level where most of us believe that Melbourne, in particular, offers more high-quality culinary experiences than any city in the world.  And there is absolutely no doubt that Australia is now the country with the highest quality coffee experiences.

For families with young children, Australia offers a large number of excellent schools and colleges.  For partners and spouses with a strong skill base, there are many attractive jobs with some of the best salary and conditions in the Western World.

So for those of you that love culture and the good life even more than beaches, let’s talk about what Australia might be able to offer you.


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