Why some GPs like working in a ‘corporate’ practice

24 April 2018 | Australian GPs, UK/Ireland GPs | 2 minutes read

Why some GPs like working in a ‘corporate’ practice

We often hear from GPs who are looking for a good job, but will not consider working for a corporate practice and dismiss any job opportunities they offer simply because the corporate ‘label’ has been applied.

However, in our experience many doctors love their workplace – even if the practice is owned by a larger group or ‘corporate’.  Based on feedback from our GPs, here are some of the reasons why many GPs enjoy working for a good ‘corporate’.

  1. Cash flow is usually not a problem and doctors get paid on time
  2. Systems and processes are well established and have been tried and tested.
  3. Being part of a larger team allows for better clinical support
  4. Patient demand may be stronger as practices are supported by good marketing
  5. Large practices often come with extra facilities such as full-time pathology and regular allied health support. Some include comprehensive radiology onsite
  6. Being part of a larger team may provide more flexibility with after-hours cover
  7. Doctors generally have greater ability to specialise in their area of interest

Of course, not all corporates are the same – just like not all private practices are not equally good.   At Alecto, we are selective about the ‘corporates’ we choose to work with and we ensure that we only offer you the positions that match your style and your requirements.

But as more and more practices are forced to become ‘corporate’, it is worth considering the options they have on offer rather than dismissing them out of hand

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