How to Get the Most from Working with Your GP Recruitment Agency

  1. Work with no more than two gp recruitment agencies at a time. This will save you a lot of stress and effort in the long run. GPs will often contact more than one agency at a time, so you can easily receive the same CV from multiple agencies (which can lead to duplication and false starts).
  2. Ideally, work exclusively with one agency once you are confident in their abilities. Agencies are paid on success: the more agencies involved, the lower the incentive for each agency to invest time, work and money in recruitment. In contrast, when an agency operates exclusively, there is a high incentive to provide excellent service because efforts will be rewarded.
  3. If you get a CV from different agencies that appears to be for the same person, contact the agency immediately to confirm the full name of the candidate. If there is a double up, it is important that both agencies are notified immediately.
  4. Keep in contact with your designated consultant. Let them know if you have filled the vacancy through other means.
  5. Be clear about the employment terms you are offering to your next GP. What percentage of billings will you offer? Will you offer a minimum guarantee?
  6. When discussing a job with a GP, you will find it best to be discrete about the recruitment fee. While it is a genuine cost to your practice, talking about it will make the GP feel uncomfortable and they will usually choose to pursue other options afterwards (as we have seen happen many times before).
  7. If you need help drafting a letter of offer or a contract, let your consultant know—they will probably be able to help.
  8. As a general rule, if you have an open relationship with your consultant, things will run very smoothly.

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