FAQ about DWS / 19AB for GPs

Looking to move and become a doctor in Australia? Then you have likely heard that there is a requirement for all doctors trained outside Australia to work in a District of Workforce Shortage (DWS) for their first 10 years of medical registration in Australia. The DWS requirements only effect Overseas Trained Doctors and not Australian Doctors.

Depending on where you are moving from, the path to medical registration in Australia will be different. We have combined a list of common questions we get asked regularly about how to become a GP in Australia.

Who is affected by a DWS/19AB?

Overseas trained doctors (IMG/OTDs) and foreign graduates of an accredited medical school (FGAMS) who are restricted by section 19AB of the Health Insurance Act 1973 (the Act) will be affected by DWS restrictions.

This means that if you obtained your primary medical degree in another country or commenced your degree in Australia before you were a citizen, then you could be subject to 19AB and DWS. Read more

How to get a 19AB Exemption

There are a few 19AB exemptions available to overseas trained doctors; DWS is the most common one.

Here is a quick summary of the various 19AB exemptions available:

More Questions?

If you have any more questions about becoming a doctor in Australia, please get in contact with our Registration Manager Megan Lewis on +61 452 644 764 or megan@alecto.com.au

At Alecto Australia we are very experienced in 19AB, 19AA and DWS having worked in the industry for years and specialise in all types of exemptions. In terms of jobs for doctors in Australia, we have a number of DWS vacancies across Australia, including rural and regional locations, as well as more sought-after metro DWS positions in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.