GP earnings in Australia, 6 facts that may influence where you choose to work

12 June 2015 | UK/Ireland GPs | 2 minutes read

GP earnings in Australia, 6 facts that may influence where you choose to work

GP Earnings in Australia can often be confusing for GPs moving from overseas.

Trying to choose a job with good earnings can be difficult, especially when all you can compare is the percentage of billings offered. The MABEL survey in 2010 came up with a range of interesting facts that may be helpful when deciding between different GP job options.

  •  The earnings of GPs who are on temporary work visas and are required to work in regions experiencing medical workforce shortages are not different from GPs who do not face such constraints in their location of practice.
  •  GPs working in larger practices earn significantly more than solo practitioners where the magnitude of this difference is largest for practices with 10 or more doctors.
  • GPs who undertake after-hours and/or on-call work earn 6.0% more than those who do not. GPs who indicated that their work hours are unpredictable have lower earnings than those who indicated otherwise.
  • GPs who indicated that their location of practice offers good employment opportunities for their partner have lower earnings.
  • Earnings are lower for GPs who work in areas that are socio-economically more advantageous and where there is a higher concentration in the number of GPs relative to the size of the population.
  • GPs working in affluent areas had lower earnings

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