Go to the beach on a Wednesday!

13 November 2017 | UK/Ireland GPs | 2 minutes read

Go to the beach on a Wednesday!


Sounds crazy? GP Jobs in Australia allow for such a flexibility that you can arrange for mid-week breaks without dipping into your leave allowance. However, UK GPs don’t always understand that even if they do an occasional late shift or weekend they are trading in a stressful job in the UK for a great lifestyle.


How is this possible?

GP rotas in Australia are generally designed around minimum weekly hours with some contribution to late shifts.  All the hours you work – including weekends and evenings count towards your weekly minimum hourly requirement.

If you are contracted to work one Saturday a month and do a late shift once a week, you might have done an extra 12 hours for that week. This will then allow you to take time off during the next week. So you can negotiate to take a mid-week break of 2 or 3 days and still reach your minimum hours for that week – without using your annual leave!

If that approach doesn’t appeal to you, you can always finish early one day a week and head to the beach on a long summer evening and enjoy some ice-cream or go surfing.

Remember that you will probably live less than half an hour from the beach – so it’s something you can easily do after work. Our jobs are mostly in metropolitan areas and so it’s easy to do!


The most important part?

Work with your practice to ensure that you are there to support the clinical team when you are needed the most, then most practice owners or managers will support you in return to give you flexibility where you want it

Talk to one of our consultants or one of our UK GPs already working in Australia to find out more about working full time and still having the lifestyle you wouldn’t have dreamed of in the past.

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