Earn well, live well – 6 month locums in Australia

26 October 2018 | UK/Ireland GPs | 3 minutes read

Earn well, live well – 6 month locums in Australia

Australia is a popular destination for UK/Irish GPs who are looking for a change of lifestyle and better earnings, but in the past GP have needed to commit to longer-term contacts in order to make the move.  The good news is that some Australia GP practices are exclusively working with Alecto to offer short-term opportunities that allow you to:

  • Try out the Australian lifestyle
  • Boost your income
  • Experience first hand the joy of living and working in another country
  • Broaden your GP experience
  • Start the clock on your 10-year moratorium (the clock starts when you first gain registration)
  • Receive $5,000 towards your relocation costs (for selected clients)

GPs in Australia generally earn more than GPs working for the NHS, and the same can be said for locums. For 6 months of work you can expect to earn between £80,000- £90,000, if you decide to stay on a further 6 months you could earn around £170,000 for a full year.  It just depends on how busy the practice and how quickly you adjust to the Australian healthcare system. Some employers will also contribute to your relocation costs by paying for flights or giving you cash up to $5000. Please note these earnings are based on full-time work, as all 6 months locum roles are full-time, however, in some cases, the work can be done over 4 longer days.  It should be noted that generally, employers in Australia prefer to offer longer-term contracts, so the percentage of billings (rate of pay they offer) is usually slighter lower for these 6-month contracts than for a 2-year contract.  However, you can still earn very well compared to the average NHS GP salary.

Typically GPs from overseas are required to work in areas of District of Workforce Shortage for the first 10 years they live in Australia  (10-year moratorium).  This means that working in inner-city areas is not usually an option.  However, there is an exemption in the Medicare legislation that allows GPs to work in any location for up to 6 months as a locum.  So with these unique locum roles with Alecto, you would be able to live and work in a wide range of locations (closer to the beach, the shops, and the city!).

Many GPs are also unaware that the 10 year mortarium starts when you first gain medical registration in Australia, and that you don’t necessarily need to work for all 10 years in Australia. For example, if you complete a 6-month locum in Australia now, and then return to the UK for 6 years you could then return to Australia and you would only have 3.5 years left working in a DWS.

Alecto Australia is now able to offer you the unique opportunity to come to Australia for a 6 month trial period.  We will support you every step of the way to ensure you have the correct registration and visa to allow you to maximize your earnings.

These roles are limited, if you are interested please send your CV to monique.giron@alecto.com.au and she will be in contact with further details.

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