Do Australians like UK and Irish GPs?

18 April 2016 | UK/Ireland GPs | 2 minutes read

Do Australians like UK and Irish GPs?

When considering the move to Australia many people may wonder, do Australians like UK and Irish GPs?

The answer is yes, patients and practice owners in Australia love UK/Irish GPs because they do adapt quickly and well to the Australian way of life and work.

But there are some voices that are becoming louder at present and are reported in the media that are raising concerns about the impact of medical migration in the future.   Some lobbyists feel that we will reach a point of oversupply in the near future and they have triggered some discussion in the Media lately stating that it will become harder to come to Australia on a 457 Visa for skilled migrants.

There are often rumours like this one and there is no need to panic or rethink your decision based on this information, but we do observe that the registration process is becoming more complex and taking more time than before.

Australia has a de-centralised approach to workforce management for GPs and so its difficult to do accurate modelling of future workforce needs.  We know from talking to practices in many parts of Australia, that there is still significant demand for UK doctors and that these GPs always do well once they have become established in Australia.


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