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Top 3 Collegial GP teams in Australia

There are hundreds of GP job vacancies around Australia at the moment, but how do find out which ones are the best option for you? At Alecto Australia, we regularly visit the practices to ensure we have a good understanding of the culture, their team and how they operate. We have put together a...[…]

Who will be the rural GPs of the future?

Martina Stanley, Director of Alecto Australia, was asked to contribute her thoughts on the future rural workforce in a recent RACGP NewsGP article. To view the article please click below.   Full article on News GP by the RACGP[…]

Discussion: Why Australian GP shortages will worsen in the next 10 years

The Australian Government believes it has a solution for the future of Australia:  Australian trained GPs will meet all the needs of all communities while the need for Overseas Trained Doctors will disappear.  I think the government might be believing what they wish was true rather than looking at the realities of the current...[…]