Be rewarded for your excellence as a GP – every day.

07 August 2018 | UK/Ireland GPs | 2 minutes read

Be rewarded for your excellence as a GP – every day.

When GPs think about being rewarded or recognised for the quality of their work, we often think that means they have won some kind of award.  But we often forget that good GPs get better rewards – every day.  While systems such as the NHS make it difficult for GPs to be recognised for superior skills, the Australian Primary Care system is structured so that good GPs who build relationships with their patients and who use the best approach to utilising MBS items, will reap the rewards.

One of our UK trained GPs has reflected on her experience of the differences between working in the NHS and working in Australia:

“There is a significant difference between the UK and here in Australia relating to patients.  Firstly, patients can see whomever they choose in Australia versus that of the UK where they don’t really have a choice. What this means is that GPs really do have to earn their patients respect and thus hopefully their loyalty. Therefore, any patient who returns to you is generally happy with your service. The knowledge that your patient has returned by choice is a rewarding part of being a GP here in Australia, this is something that is not as obvious in the UK. ” – GP living in Perth, Australia

“Patient loyalty impacts a GPs earning potential due to the way that Medicare bills for care/treatment given to a patient. The GP will often see the patient for the initial problem and if the patient is comfortable with that GP and it seems that the GP is  genuinely interested in providing quality health care for the patient, then the likelihood is that patient will continue to return to the same GP for all follow up care thereafter. ” – GP living in Perth, Australia

What are your experiences?

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