Health care policy and evaluation

Alecto Australia is focused on ensuring that our health policy and evaluation work delivers smart and sustainable outcomes in the health sector.

We enjoy partnering with government agencies to understand the impact and relevance of health service interventions. We apply good-practice knowledge combined with a strong evidence base to improve service effectiveness and patient outcomes.

We are specialists in:

  • Policy and program evaluation
  • Applied policy research
  • Population based health service planning
  • Program design and implementation
  • Qualitative, quantitative and mixed-method health research.

We have worked extensively in the following healthcare policy and research domains:

  • Primary care and integrated care
  • Workforce distribution and workforce strategy
  • Health system performance and productivity
  • Regional and rural health
  • Chronic disease interventions

Alecto Australia has a project team of senior consultants who collectively have several decades of experience and subject expertise in the health sector, as well as a broad range of well-honed management consulting and technical writing skills.

Health analytics for business and government

We are skilled at health data mining and strategic analysis

The value of analytics in the health sector lies in identifying variations in patient profiling and service utilisation, effectiveness and efficiency.

This data informs strategic and business planning. We are skilled at analysing healthcare data in both macro (State, local government) and micro (private practice) contexts.

  • Health data analysis
  • Population health profiling and needs assessment
  • Risk analysis
  • Health service insights and trends
  • Business audits

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